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Wildlife Hazard Assessment

A description of FAA's Wildlife Hazard Assessments and Wildlife Management Plans at Part 139 and GA Airports. This document discusses the regulations, data collection, education, and research topics.

We have compiled a template that airports can use when creating their Wildlife Hazard Assessment plans. Click here to download a copy of the Microsoft Word document....

Wildlife Hazard Assessment Template

RECOMENDED RFP ITEMS (Excludes "boiler plate" items required by the issuing activity)

Scope of Services

1. The <name of airport or airport authority> is requesting proposals from qualified individuals or firms to conduct a Wildlife Hazard Assessment (WHA). The WHA shall meet all requirements of CFR 139.337 to include:

2. The WHA shall be conducted by a qualified wildlife biologist who meets the requirements of Advisory Circular 150/5200-36A. These requirements are:

3. Required Submittals
Evaluation Criteria
Responder's proposal will be evaluated using the following criteria during the review process: