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Past News Articles

Robotic bird to be deployed at Edmonton International Airport, International Airport Review, 05-15-2017
Bird Strikes: an old problem, a modern imperative, MRO Network, 09-08-2015
Pilot makes dramatic landing after buzzards smashes through cockpit at 1,000 feet, The Straits Times, 08-17-2015
Mirage F1 of Royal Air Forces Crashes Western Morocco, Morocco World News, 08-17-2015
Sharing the Skies: Managing the Risk of Wildlife Strikes, Rotor Magazine Summer 2015, 08-14-2015

FAA Wildlife Strike Report Sees Increased Reporting, Aviation Today, 08-05-2015
Norwich airport looks to innovative ways to stem rise in bird strikes, Eastern Daily Press, 08-05-2015
Wildlife biologist helps keep LRAFB airfield, pilots safe, Arkansas Online, 07-26-2015
Soaring Bird Population Prompts FAA to Consider Plane Safety, Bloomberg Business, 07-20-2015
Bird strike causes 747 cargo plane to make precautionary landing at anchorage airport, KTUU Alaska, 07-14-2015

Ask the Captain: At what altitude are plane safe from birds?, USA Today, 07-12-2015
Strike Out, The Economist, 07-04-2015
Air NZ plane cleared to fly after bird strike, The New Zealand Herald, 06-18-2015
Incident: Air Berlin B738 at Berlin on Jun 7th 2015, bird strike, , 06-07-2015
Delta Air Lines flight to Minneapolis makes emergency landing in Green Bay; bird strike blamed, Star Tribune, 06-05-2015

Airport Operator Angkasa Pura II Seeks to Improve Bird Strike Management, Jakarta Globe, 05-21-2015
Bird Strike Will Not Affect A320neo Timeline, Says Airbus, Aviation Week, 05-01-2015
Incident: US Airways A319 at Jacksonville on Apr 25th 2015, bird strike, Aviation Herald, 04-26-2015
The Birds (And Deer) Behind Thousands of Airplane Emergencies, Vocativ, 04-14-2015
Flight delayed: There's a coyote on the runway, Science News, 04-14-2015

Why Do Bird Keep Crashing Into Cars and Planes?, The Week, 03-22-2015
Bird-strike on rescue helicopter and lifeboat capsizes in missing woman search at Brempton Cliffs, Hull Daily Mail, 03-18-2015
Incident: Lufthansa A321 at Beirut on Mar 17th 2015, Bird Strike, The Aviation Herald, 03-18-2015
Ask the Captain: Birds, balloons and drones, USA Today, 03-01-2015
Laser guns keep birds at bay in Odisha's lone airport, Odisha Sun Times, 02-03-2015

Dogs keep Dover base planes from running 'a-fowl', Delaware State News, 01-17-2015
Haneda's ¥1 bil. bird strike prevention system a failure, The Japan News, 01-12-2015
Civil aviation committee to control bird strikes fails to meet for three years, Business Standard (India), 01-05-2015
Thousands of Animals Removed From DC-Area Airports, NBC Washington, 12-22-2014
Incident: Southwest B737 at Baltimore on Dec 12th 2014, flock of birds, The Aviation Herald, 12-12-2014

Radar technology brought in to tackle alarming number of animal strikes at Queensland airports, The Courier-Mail, 12-11-2014
Airline officials: It was a bird strike, not a maintenance issue, WPTZ News Channel 5, 12-05-2014
Incident: TACA A319 at San Jose on Nov 24th 2014, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 11-24-2014
Incident: THY A321 at Istanbul on Nov 20th 2014, Bird Strike, The Aviation Herald, 11-20-2014
Bird strike leave plane with just one engine as alarmed passengers look on, The Telegraph (UK), 11-11-2014

Wayward raptors get new start away from Sea-Tac Airport, Komo News, 11-05-2014
Airbus Patents Plans to Frighten Birds Away From Planes and Airports, Skift, 10-06-2014
3 Bird Strikes Within Hours at NYC's LaGuardia, ABC News, 09-03-2014
Airports Reducing Wildlife Strike Risks, Aviation Week, 09-01-2014
At DFW Airport, Wildlife Biologist Strikes --- Before Birds Can, Kera News, 07-07-2014

Bird strike forces JetBlue plane to make emergency landing at JFK Airport, NY Daily News, 03-28-2014
Jet aborts takeoff after 'fish strike' at Florida air base, USA Today, 03-05-2014
Texstars Develops Bell 525 Birdstrike-resistant Windshield, AINonline, 02-25-2014
Bird Strike Caught on Camera, AINonline, 01-20-2014
Bird strike brought down T-38 in July, investigation shows, Air Force Times, 12-10-2013

Port Authority 'wildlife specialists' hunt snowy owls at New York City's airports, NY Daily News, 12-09-2013
Boy Scout Uses Homemade Traps to Safely Remove Hawks,, 11-12-2013
Bird Strikes 2.0: The Resulting Crash Can't Always Be Blamed on the Birds, Time, 11-07-2013
10 Ways to Prevent Plane Bird Strikes, BBC, 11-06-2013
Bird patrol targets air safety threat,, 11-01-2013

F-16 Pilot Blamed in Bird-Strike Crash,, 11-01-2013
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is wildlife friendly, The Star Online, 10-21-2013
Noisy tests could help keep unwanted birds from airports, The Augusta Chronicle, 10-16-2013
Kangaroo cornered in Melbourne Airport chemist,, 10-16-2013
Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard program keeps deployed airmen safe,, 10-16-2013

Flight Risks Rise as Bird Strikes Increase,, 09-24-2013
DFW Airport Reports Fewer Bird Strikes, Ranks No. 2 in U.S.,, 09-24-2013
Southwest B737 at Flint, AV Herald, 09-04-2013
Sea-Tac biologist tweaks airport ecosystems to manage bird threats, The Seattle Times, 09-03-2013
O'Hare's grass gives burros, llamas, goats, and sheep shomething to chew on, Chicago Tribune, 08-13-2013

Bird Detection System Launched, AINOnline, 08-12-2013
Bird strikes could ground Boris Isle of Grain airport plan, The Conversation, 07-22-2013
Idaho biologists serve overseas to help protect troops, Idaho KTVB, 07-15-2013
Reducing Impacts of Bird Strike, Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, 07-01-2013
UPDATE: A dozen geese slaughtered in Inwood Hill Park, New York Daily News, 06-19-2013

JetBlue flight diverts to JFK after bird strike, USA Today, 06-07-2013
JetBlue Flight Diverted To JFK Airport After Bird Strike, Huffington Post, 06-06-2013
Scientific paper highlights program to reduce bird strikes near Augusta airport, Chronicle Augusta News, 05-29-2013
Number of Reported Bird Strikes at Windsor Airport Soars, The Windsor Star, 05-13-2013
Shreveport to Denver Flight Turns Around After Bird Strike, ABC 7 News, 05-10-2013

Airports Strike Back at Angry Birds, AIN Online, 05-07-2013
Clear and Present Danger, Airport World, 04-08-2013
Airports Get Creative to Combat Threat of Bird Strike, USA, 04-01-2013
BASH Program Combats Bird Air Strike Incidents,, 03-31-2013
"Jackal" Grass Has Potential in Reducing Bird Strikes, 3 News NZ, 03-21-2013

Airport removing wetlands to avoid bird strikes, The Jamestown Sun, 02-28-2013
New Peril + Old Promises = Bad Results, Mechanical Engineering Magazine, 02-21-2013
Medical helicopter makes emergency landing after bird strike,, 02-08-2013
Pilots Make Emergency Landing Following Bird Strike On Plane Leaving John Wayne, CBS Los Angeles, 01-26-2013
Satellites, GPS help combat bird strikes,, 01-15-2013

Birdstrike Robot Takes War to Airport Scourge, Scientific America, 01-15-2013
Charlotte airport plan aims to reduce plane, bird strikes,, 01-14-2013
Incident: Comair B733 at Durban on Jan 2nd 2013, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 01-04-2013
2,200+ wildlife strikes reported to FAA in Az since 1990,, 11-29-2012
Bird strike forces plane heading to ONT to land, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, 11-08-2012

American Airlines jet lands safely in St. Louis after bird strike, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10-29-2012
Bird strike forces LA Sheriff’s helicopter to land on Del Amo Blvd., Orange County Breeze, 10-22-2012
Incident: American B738 at Miami on Oct 11th 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 10-12-2012
Crash: Sita D228 at Kathmandu on Sep 28th 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 09-30-2012
Animal airstrikes at RDU on the rise, ABC 11, 09-17-2012

Air Force fights aircraft bird strikes with falcons, Network World, 09-07-2012
Fighter jet lands safely after bird strike, The Blade, 09-04-2012
Dr. Whitford Presents New Findings at the 2012 Bird Strike Committee Meeting: New Hope for Improved Airport Bird Control, PRWeb, 08-31-2012
Bird strike hits plane in Tacloban, Manila Standard Today, 08-30-2012
FAA Has Not Effectively Implemented its Wildlife Hazard Mitigation Program, Department of Transportation, 08-22-2012

Passenger Jet Experiences Bird Strike While Landing In Tulsa,, 08-22-2012
Bird strike cuts Thunderbirds’ routine short at Atlantic City Airshow, Press of Atlantic City, 08-18-2012
Bird strikes CAL jet: no injuries, Trinidad Express Newspapers, 08-17-2012
Incident: Shuttle E170 at Charleston on Aug 14th 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 08-15-2012
Airport experts flock to find solution to bird, plane collisions,, 08-05-2012

Bird strikes on the rise at Vancouver airport, CTV News, 08-02-2012
Bird collision grounds Buddha Airways plane, The Himalayan Times, 08-02-2012
United Flight Collides With Bird On Descent To Denver, ABC 7 News, 07-31-2012
Bird strike concerns near El Paso airport force soccer complex elsewhere, ABC 7, 07-23-2012
Bird strikes on the rise at Haneda Airport / Advanced prevention system fails to stop incidences of birds colliding with aircraft, The Daily Yomiuri, 07-20-2012

Lighting on aircraft can prevent bird strikes, Flightglobal, 07-11-2012
Incident: Avianca A319 at Monteria on Jun 25th 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 06-27-2012
Incident: Jetblue E190 at West Palm Beach on Jun 24th 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 06-25-2012
USDA Posts Video Guide to Reporting Bird Strikes, USDA APHIS, 06-20-2012
Incident: Smartlynx A320 at Nizhny Novgorod on Jun 19th 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 06-20-2012

Bird strike delays Chch flight, The Press, 06-11-2012
Birds, echidnas and turtles in plane firing line, The Australian, 06-05-2012
'Birdstrike' grounds Port passengers, Port Macquarie News, 05-29-2012
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a $76,000 job!,, 05-24-2012
Snowbirds jet dented by bird strike, CBC News, 05-17-2012

Accident: Iberia A343 at Madrid on May 13th 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 05-13-2012
Endangered Hawaiian Goose Rebounds, Now Relocated, ABC News, 05-09-2012
Gillibrand Introduces Legislation to Rid NYC Airports of Bird Strikes by Cutting Through Federal Bureaucratic Red Tape,, 04-25-2012
JetBlue airliner makes emergency landing after geese strike, The Journal News, 04-24-2012
UPDATE: Bird Strike Grounds Air Force Two In Santa Barbara, KEY News, 04-20-2012

Incident: Caribbean B738 at Port of Spain on Apr 8th 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 04-09-2012
The Bird Scarers of Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu Magazine, 04-03-2012
Bird strike forces helicopter to land, The Daily Home, 03-30-2012
USDA Explores Feasibility of Alternative Energy Production at Airports, USDA - APHIS, 03-29-2012
Incident: Allegiant MD82 at Huntington on Mar 21st 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 03-22-2012

Incident: Ryanair B738 at Beauvais on Mar 18th 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 03-20-2012
Incident: Air Canada A319 at Toronto on Feb 25th 2012, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 02-28-2012
Denver-bound flight returns to St. Louis after bird strike, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 02-27-2012
Dunedin flights resume after bird strike, bad weather, The New Zealand Herald, 02-22-2012
Robots to be deployed in airfields to drive out birds, The Dong-A Ilbo, 02-08-2012

Updated: Bird strike costs MIA €250,000,, 02-07-2012
Anchorage landfill hazers battle eagles, ravens, gulls, Anchorage News Tribune, 02-06-2012
Incident: Air France A320 at Toulouse on Feb 3rd 2012, flock of birds, The Aviation Herald, 02-04-2012
St. Mary's County Regional Airport Issues Safety Notice For Potential Bird Strike Hazard Due to Open Dumpsters, The Bay Net, 01-25-2012
Bird Strike Reported At Sac International, KCRA, 01-23-2012

Coast guard plane survives albatross strike, The Japan Times Online, 01-20-2012
Thames Estuary airport “utterly absurd”, says RSPB, Link2, 01-18-2012
Israeli Bird Radar Technology Promises Clear Skies for Pilots, Wall Street Daily, 01-16-2012
Incident: Arkefly B763 at Amsterdam on Jan 10th 2012, multiple bird strikes, The Aviation Herald, 01-11-2012
Loud, high-tech cannons latest tool for shooing birds at Sanford airport, Orlando Sentinel, 01-09-2012

Airport bird map stops pilots getting in flap, Adelaide Now, 12-15-2011
Incident: PIA B772 at Kathmandu on Dec 6th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 12-11-2011
With the runway reopened: Safety, others work to minimize bird strikes to aircraft at Fairchild, Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System, 12-07-2011
Accident: Tiara SH36 at Las Piedras on Dec 5th 2011, donkey damages gear, The Aviation Herald, 12-06-2011
Airport brass worry compost will attract dreaded birds, CTV Montreal, 12-02-2011

China Southern plane lands safely after bird strike, China Daily, 11-28-2011
Sea-Tac traps designed to limit bird strikes are snaring more hawks, The Seattle Times, 11-20-2011
Bird Strikes SkyFOX Helicopter,, 11-16-2011
Hadeda hit puts SAA flight in a flap, The Star, 11-15-2011
Sheppard minding its flock in dead of night, Times Record News, 11-10-2011

Bird strikes rise at Salt Lake Airport,, 11-08-2011
Turkey vultures delayed some air show takeoffs, Tampa Bay Online, 11-07-2011
Birds vs. planes: Local pilots seek help from the ground to curtail mid-air collisions, KENS 5, 11-02-2011
Gulls called airport 'threat' after recent collisions, Burlington Free Press, 11-02-2011
Afton man working on private project to restore 200-acre tract, The Janesville Gazette, 10-31-2011

Birds sense speed to avoid crashing, ABC Science, 10-31-2011
Dutch plane aborts Goa take-off after bird strike, Deccan Chronicle, 10-27-2011
Feds to assess wildlife impact at airport, The Houston Chronicle, 10-25-2011
The bird scarer of Heathrow, London Evening Standard, 10-25-2011
Simferopol - St. Petersburg Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Bird Strike, Ukrainian News Agency, 10-16-2011

Plane lands safely after costly bird strike, Anchorage Daily News, 10-13-2011
Incident: Tarom AT72 at Iasi on Sep 29th 2011, boar strike, The Aviation Herald, 09-30-2011
GCAA launches On-Line Facility for Bird Strike and Wildlife Hazard Reporting, Albawaba, 09-27-2011
Incident: United Airlines B752 at Denver on Sep 26th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 09-27-2011
Bird migration season increases bird strike risks, U.S. Air Force, 09-26-2011

Incident: Wideroe DH8A at Namsos on Sep 21st 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 09-23-2011
Birds also strike at Qantas, 9News, 09-23-2011
Delta Plane Lands Safely After Bird Strike and Engine Failure Over New York, NYCAviation, 09-22-2011
Sea-Tac Airport using pyrotechnics to prevent birds striking planes,, 09-19-2011
Incident: Rossiya B735 at St. Petersburg on Sep 17th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 09-18-2011

Bird collides with Spicejet flight, damages aircraft, Daily Bhaskar, 09-15-2011
Geese face wing-clipping due to Belfast bird strike fear, Belfast Telegraph, 09-14-2011
Good Morning, Buffalo,, 09-12-2011
Bird strike a potential threat to aviation safety in Taipei, Focus Taiwan, 09-11-2011
Incident: Lufthansa A319 at Budapest on Sep 8th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 09-09-2011

Incident: Virgin America A319 at Dallas on Sep 4th 2011, rejected takeoff due to bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 09-05-2011
Incident: Uzbekistan B752 at Istanbul on Sep 1st 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 09-02-2011
Burbank businessman arrested over feeding of birds near airport, Los Angeles Times, 08-22-2011
Incident: Ryanair B738 at Cochstedt on Aug 21st 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 08-22-2011
Incident: Westjet B737 at Calgary on Aug 3rd 2011, flock of pigeons, The Aviation Herald, 08-19-2011

Incident: US Airways A321 at San Francisco on Aug 14th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 08-17-2011
The bird-aeroplane battle, The Southern Times, 08-15-2011
IAF to go in for sophisticated radar to tackle bird hit menace, The Times of India, 08-12-2011
Augusta Regional Airport dog kept birds at bay before retiring, The Augusta Chronicle, 08-07-2011
Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Hitting Birds,, 08-06-2011

Incident: Biman A313 at Sylhet on Aug 2nd 2011, rejected takeoff due to bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 08-02-2011
Bird dog helps keep skies safe, Gold Coast Mail, 08-01-2011
Bird strike leads to aborted flight, Kuensel Online, 07-30-2011
Feather Barbs as a good source of mtDNA for bird species identification in forensic wildlife investigations, Investigative Genetics, 07-28-2011
Lansdowne set to become more friendly for bicyclists, Daily Times, 07-25-2011

Incident: Aerosvit B734 at Odessa on Jun 9th 2011, bird strikes, The Aviation Herald, 07-22-2011
Incident: Avianca A320 at Miami on Jul 16th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 07-18-2011
Incident: Iberia A321 at Milan on Jul 13th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 07-14-2011
In Manila, birds and planes on a collision course, GMA News, 07-08-2011
Foam remote-control device built to scare birds in Horry County, The Sun News, 07-07-2011

Commercial jet strikes, kills 2 deer in Brainerd, Star Tribune, 07-07-2011
Incident: Walter DH8D at Heringsdorf on Jul 2nd 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 07-05-2011
Russian plane collides with vulture,, 07-03-2011
Incident: US Airways B734 at Charlotte on Jun 30th 2011, bird strike into both engines on landing, The Aviation Herald, 07-01-2011
Delays at J.F.K.? This Time, Blame Turtles, The New York Times, 06-29-2011

A bird in the hand better than two in the turbine,, 06-24-2011
Flight backtracks after bird strike scare, China Daily, 06-23-2011
The goose is cooked by city’s airspace clearing plan,, 06-23-2011
Wildlife Control at Airports – FG Commences Phase III in 2012, AllAfrica, 06-23-2011
Incident: SATA A320 at Funchal on Jun 20th 2011, flock of birds ingested by both engines, bird strike opens forward cargo door, The Aviation Herald, 06-20-2011

Birds fly in the way of airport plan to go international, Business Daily, 06-20-2011
Who Cries for the Goose Killer?, New York Magazine, 06-19-2011
MIAA forms body vs ‘bird strike’, Journal Online, 06-17-2011
Major bird strike incidents, The Telegraph, 06-17-2011
Incident: Delta B744 over Pacific on Jun 16th 2011, cracked windshield, The Aviation Herald, 06-17-2011

American jet makes emergency landing after bird strike, MSNBC, 06-14-2011
Swans spark crash fear for City airport flights, London Evening Standard, 06-10-2011
Bird strikes increase three-fold at Narita airport after extension of runway, The Mainichi Daily News, 06-06-2011
NAIA airs support for ban on bird breeding near airports, Manila Bulletin Publishing Company, 06-03-2011
MoD wants Lincolnshire marina made 'ugly' to reduce risk of bird strikes, This Is Lincolnshire, 06-03-2011

Latest bird strike worries PAL, Manila Standard Today, 06-02-2011
Birdstrike a perpetual threat at airport, Nelson Mail, 06-01-2011
Bear Shot Dead At Airport, WXII12, 05-31-2011
EPI boss details progress on A400M engine programme, Flightglobal, 05-31-2011
Incident: Air France A320 at Athens on May 30th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 05-30-2011

Incident: ADA JS32 at Medellin on May 23rd 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 05-23-2011
Anti-bird grass wins innovation award, 3 News, 05-20-2011
Wildlife fence project at airport contracted, The Vernal Express, 05-18-2011
Habitat lost? Planned airport could pose problems for sage grouse, Idaho Mountain Express, 05-18-2011
Airports gear up for bird strikes, Manila Standard Today, 05-16-2011

Incident: Continental B738 at Los Angeles on May 11th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 05-12-2011
Russian pilot tried to cover up R44 crash, Flightglobal, 05-09-2011
Arik aircraft suffers bird strike, The Nation, 05-09-2011
Accidents: May 2011, AIN Online, 04-30-2011
Falcons at New York's JFK Airport Join the Flock of the Unemployed, The Wall Street Journal, 04-29-2011

CAL flight makes emergency landing, Guardian Online, 04-28-2011
Incident: Wisconsin CRJ2 at Norfolk on Apr 26th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 04-27-2011
Incident: Tunisair B735 at Tunis on Apr 24th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 04-24-2011
Incident: Philippine B773 at Manila on Apr 15th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 04-21-2011
Does Local Airport Have Bird Problem?, WESH Orlando, 04-21-2011

Incident: Air France B773 near Paris on Mar 24th 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 04-07-2011
Life's cheep: Delta plane forced into emergency landing after horror collision with flock of cranes, Daily Mail Online, 04-02-2011
Feathered fighters defend Pearson Airport’s skies, The Star, 03-30-2011
Could Tidal Flow Fix Your Airport?, Miller-McCune, 03-21-2011
Audit initiated of FAA’s wildlife hazard mitigation program, Aviation Safety Network, 03-19-2011

Bird strike sent Minneapolis-bound Delta flight back to Southwest Florida International,, 03-17-2011
Experts: Awareness of bird strikes needs improvement, USA Today, 03-11-2011
Bird strikes not new to airport,, 03-10-2011
AirTran Flight Returns To Orlando After Bird Strike,, 03-01-2011
Plane Departing DCA Hits Birds, Lands at Dulles, ARL Now, 02-28-2011

Deer, Coyotes, Turkeys, and Planes, Ashland Current, 02-26-2011
Incident: Lufthansa B744 at Buenos Aires on Feb 21st 2011, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 02-22-2011
Bird Strike Forces Air Evac Helicopter To Land In Field,, 02-15-2011
Report into Knock Airport bird strike, RTE News/Ireland, 01-24-2011
Falcon quest,, 01-01-2011

Bird menace hikes airlines costs at Delhi, India Today, 12-20-2010
Avian Radar May Have Limitations, USA Today Travel, 12-06-2010
A gooseless city? Feds reveal that they can kill birds pretty much anywhere, The Brooklyn Paper, 10-04-2010
80 birds shot in Hilo to protect planes, Hawaii News Now, 09-29-2010

Storks Put Israeli Air Force Fighter Jets on Alert, All Headline News, 09-22-2010
Cairns Airport reveals how it deals with birds, bats and planes, The Cairns Post, 09-22-2010
PDX team patrols runways, uses explosives and other means keep wildlife out of aircrafts' path, The Oregonian, 09-19-2010
Pilot saw eagle coming at jet before engine strike, The Seattle Times, 08-16-2010
Accident: Expressjet E145 at Salt Lake City on Aug 10th 2010, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 08-11-2010

The Wings of War: New York to kill 170,000 Canada geese,, 07-25-2010
Banishing the Birds: 800 Geese Rounded Up Near NYC Airports,, 06-24-2010
Salt Lake City conference focuses on prevention of bird strikes, Deseret News, 06-22-2010
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Robotic Bald Eagle, The Wall Street Journal (, 06-16-2010
NTSB Issues Bevy of Recommendations As Result of US Airways Flight 1549 Ditching Findings, Aviation International News, 05-23-2010

NTSB 'Miracle on Hudson' Report: More flotation devices needed on board all flights,, 05-06-2010
FWC Approves Draft Rule To Improve Airport Safety,, 04-28-2010
Pilots in peril: Quick thinking and training prevents bird strike tragedy, Bismarck Tribune, 04-11-2010
Travis bird watcher wins top award, The Reporter, 03-19-2010
American Airlines jet returns to D/FW after bird strike kills engine, Dallas Morning News, 02-20-2010

Pilot, passenger survive bird strike, WSVN, 02-09-2010
Plan Set Up To Watch Birds Near Waste Site, Queens Tribune, 02-04-2010
Bird-Plane Collisions Up Nearly 300 Percent at St. Louis Lambert Field, DailyRFT, 02-01-2010
Engine bird strike forces Sac Int'l flight to return; no one injured, News10/KXTV, 01-15-2010
FAA Wildlife Hazard Mitigation Program, FAA Fact Sheet, 01-14-2010

Thousands of birds to be killed after airport scare,, 01-14-2010
Six bird strikes in 25 minutes at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, eTravel Blackboard, 01-13-2010
Bird-Plane Collisions Could Pass 10,000, Time, 01-12-2010
Deer and airplanes don't mix,, 12-13-2009
Aviation group adds birds to priority list,, 12-07-2009

TIA on the lookout for coyotes, St. Petersburg Times (, 11-26-2009
New Book by Engineer/Airline Pilot Describes Patented Aircraft Bird Strike Warning System,, 11-24-2009
Shorebirds strike YVR aircraft by the dozen, The Vancouver Sun, 11-22-2009
Bird strike leads to scary moments on Frontier flight from Kansas City, USA Today, 11-16-2009
New Bern man in Iraq to help military combat wildlife risks, Sun Journal, 11-14-2009

Plane lands near Show Low after bird strike, The Arizona Republic, 11-05-2009
Pilot Recalls Emergency Landing In Canistota, SD,, 11-04-2009
Delta plane makes emergency landing in Phoenix, The Arizona Republic, 11-02-2009
Forced landing for Ryanair jet after bird strike,, 10-03-2009
Preliminary Report: Birdstrike Causes Beechjet Damage, Aviation International News online, 10-02-2009

For Culprits in Miracle on Hudson, the Flip Side of Glory, The New York Times, 10-02-2009
NTSB Recommends Several Revisions On Bird Strike, Operations Regs, Aero-News Network, 09-30-2009
Federally-required bird assessment frustrates airport official, Grand Island Independent, NE, 09-17-2009
P.C. firm sending bird strike technology to Afghanistan, News Herald, 09-13-2009
Bloomberg's Jet Falls Victim To Bird Strike,, 09-02-2009

Polish air show crash kills two stunt pilots, Minneapolis Airlines/Airport Examiner, 08-31-2009
FAA aims to bolster wildlife regulation for airports,, 08-20-2009
Bird strike reporting on the rise in the US,, 08-18-2009
PPG unit gets contract to redesign 737 windshields,, 08-13-2009
Tourist chopper damaged by bird strike,, 08-11-2009

Italy, bird-strike in Parma: Wind Jet to sue the airport, AvioNews, 08-10-2009
Bird Strike Blamed in Emergency Landing, News Observer (NC), 08-10-2009
Incident: Norwegian Air Shuttle B733 at London on Aug 8th 2009, bird strike, Aviation Herald, 08-08-2009
Bird Strike Forces Emergency Landing in St. Louis, The Associated Press, 07-29-2009
Pentagon Pain Ray's New Target: Killer Geese,, 07-27-2009

Bird-strike accidents pose threat to Ethiopian aviation industry, The Reporter, 07-18-2009
Airport to mow fields short to discourage birds from nesting, Kalamazoo Gazette, 07-14-2009
Boston airport testing radar to avoid avian accidents,, 07-14-2009
Turtles crawl on runway, delay flights at JFK,, 07-08-2009
Incident: World Airways MD11 at Ostend on Jul 5th 2009, bird strike, The Aviation Herald, 07-06-2009

Newcastle Airport RAF Tornado crash landing report, The Journal, 07-03-2009
Bird Strikes a Growing Problem at U.S. Airports, ABC News, 07-01-2009
Birds of prey keep airfield safe,, 06-30-2009
When Birds Strike, Vertical Online, 06-17-2009
Bird strikes and airplane engine safety debated, Los Angeles Times, 06-11-2009

Schumer To Make New Push To Pass Legislation Making Bird Strike Reporting Mandatory - Only 20% of Strikes Are Currently Reported, Congressional Documents and Publications/Content Works via COMTEX, 06-10-2009
Are airports ignoring Federal Regulations regarding bird strikes?, DigitalJournal, 06-06-2009
Embry-Riddle Creates Global Wildlife Strike Information Center to Improve Air Safety,, 06-02-2009
Are Urban Geese Dangerous?? 63 Bird Strikes Reported in 2008 at Chattanooga Airport, The, 05-19-2009
6-Foot Lizards Invading Military Runway in Florida, National Geographic News, 05-19-2009

Airport-area ponds too inviting for birds, The Atlanta Journal-Consitution, 05-11-2009
No bull: Pelican rocks air races, San Diego Union-Tribune, 05-11-2009
Bird strikes: Radar in a holding pattern, Chicago Tribune, 05-07-2009
Tech, Ops Changes Eyed To Cut Bird Strikes, Aviation Week, 05-07-2009
DOT's LaHood says gov't secrecy is for the birds,, 04-23-2009

Bob Behren: Surviving a bird strike over St. Lucie County, TCPalm, Fort Pierce, FL, 03-20-2009
Duck Strike Grounds Shandscair Helicopter, The Gainesville Sun, Florida, 03-06-2009
FAA Talks About Birdstrikes With House Committee, Aero-News Network, 02-25-2009
Bird remains found on crashed helicopter, Houma Today, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, 02-24-2009
Jet hits birds in San Jose, scraps takeoff, San Francisco Chronicle, 02-17-2009

Turkey vulture smashes through plane's windshield in Fort Lauderdale, Miami Herald, 02-16-2009
Bird strike leaves hole in Air New Zealand aircraft, The Press, Christchurch, NZ, 02-08-2009
Lowering Bird Strikes: Alumnus Works with Airports to Lessen Wildlife Damage, Indiana State University, Science News, 01-30-2009
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