Center for Wildlife and Aviation

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Flight Operations

Here is a compilation of resources on the topic of operational aviation mitigation.

Papers Presented from Bird Strike Committee Proceedings

High Speed Flight at Low Altitude: Hazard to Commercial Aviation? - 2006
Reduction of Risk: A Flight Crew Guide to the Avoidance and Mitigation of Wildlife Strikes to Aircraft - 2005

Additional Papers

Bird Strike Mitigation beyond the airport, Pilots must be prepared for bird strike avoidance and damage control Article by Eschenfelder and Defusco - 2010

Airbus Briefing Guide on Birds

Flight Operations Briefing Notes

Information from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

FAA's Aeronautical Information Manual(AIM) Ch7 Section 4

Information from the United States Air Force Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard Prevention Program (USAF BASH)

Avian Hazard Avoidance System (AHAS)

Information from US Navy BASH

BASH Awareness Training Video - Air Maintenance Personnel (Quicktime Movie)
BASH Awareness Training Video - Aviators and Aircrews (Quicktime Movie)
BASH Awareness Training Video - Air Traffic Control and Operations (Quicktime Movie)

Information from Transport Canada

Sharing the Skies - Ch10
Sharing the Skies - Ch12